The Lucciola lamp was designed in 1971 by Italian designer Fabio Lenci (born 1935), for the Italian lighting company iGuzzini. The name “Lucciola” means firefly. The lamp was available in 3 versions, a bedside table lamp (not used in Space: 1999), a table lamp (45cm tall, 60cm width) with a 50W Halogen bulb, and a floor lamp (2m tall, 2.5m width) with a 100w Halogen bulb. This was one of the first lamps to use a low-voltage halogen light, previously only used on cars (another is the Tizio by Richard Sapper). The diffuser has fins to stop the lamp overheating (the lamp also had other types of diffuser).

The floor version is often seen in Koenig’s Command Office. Images thanks to David McLaughlin.
The desk version can be seen in foreground.
In Death’s Other Dominion, Rowland uses the Lucciola desk lamp as a microphone. Not surprisingly, Koenig doesn’t hear a reply.
The desk version and the floor version both appear in this shot from Space Brain.

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