The Slat Chair by Marcel Breuer was designed and as uniform wood cross section prototype for quantity production planned in the ’20’s. The chair was manufactured in leather and cloth versions, the fabric covering originated from the local weaving mill workshop. The chair is a fascinating sculptural arrangement of right angles and cantilevered forms

This chair was first exhibited at the Kunstammlungen, Weimar in 1922. Breuer’s design was based on anatomical research to support the heaviest bones of the human body in maximum comfort. In this apprentice work. Breuer shows influence from the De Stijl Movement, Bauhaus and Gerrit Rietveld with its joyous juxtaposition of stresses and “construction-alistic” solutions.

Breuer created the chair during his apprenticeship, and it clearly betrays the influence of the De Stijl artist Gerrit Rietveld in its simple construction with its joyous juxtaposition of stresses and “construction-alistic” solutions.

The process used by the artist in developing the chair shown here involved three different designs.

Slatted Chair, 1922
Knoll Inc., USA

Wood-slat stained oak, leather

W 56 cm, H 94 cm, D 56 cm

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